The following re-granulates are always available in our assortment:

  • PP Copo re-granulate white Mfi: 6-8
  • PP Copo re-granulate white 20-25% TV Mfi: 6-8
  • PP Copo re-granulate black Mfi: 5-8
  • PP Copo re-granulate black Mfi: 7-12
  • PP Copo re-granulate black TV 20-25% Mfi: 6-8
  • PP Copo re-granulate natural Mfi 8-12
  • PP Copo regranulate natural Mfi: 5-8
  • PP Copo regrind natural Mfi: 5-10
  • PP Copo re-granulate multi-colored Mfi: 6-8
  • LDPE re-granulate multi-colored Mfi: 0.3-1.0 (film quality)
  • PE-PP re-granulate multi-colored Mfi: 0.3-1.4 contains approx. 10% PP
  • PP Copo re-granulate black Mfi:4-6 high impact-strength plastics
  • PP re-granulate black Mfi:18-20
  • PP re-granulate light multi-colored Mfi:18-20

Of course, we can also produce re-granulate in the color of your choice.

On request, it is also possible to modify the material, e.g. to determine the percentage of talcum or calcium carbonate in the material or to produce a re-granulate with high impact- strength.

All re-granulates are derived from unmixed production waste.